Tuesday, October 7, 2008

World descends upon Nashville for Belmont debate

All eyes are on Nashville as the city prepares for the McCain-Obama presidential debate tonight at Belmont. Moderator Bob Schieffer rocked out with Brad Paisley this weekend at the Opry, the Red State Update boys got their credentials revoked by the Secret Service, and as recently as Saturday, TDOT was using a flashing warning sign on I-65 to direct "DEBAFFE" traffic, whatever that is, off to the Wedgewood Avenue exit. Will the Music City survive the show? We'll see.

(Note: I'm still on the job as your chapter Webmaster, Middle Tennessee Pro SPJ members. Yes, I've relocated to Houston, but we have the Interwebs here, too, so keep those links and news items about Nashville media coming my way: jpintn@gmail.com or jennifer@texaswatchdog.org. Curious souls who want to know what I'm doing in Texas can check us out at www.texaswatchdog.org.)